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Do you have an event coming up that requires a waste solution? Perhaps you are in need of a restroom and hand washing solutions.  We offer a variety of temporary portable toilet options ranging from a standard portable restroom and hand wash stations to high end restroom trailers. Or maybe you need a trash solution? WSI can provide you with a variety of roll off dumpster sizes as well as disposable cardboard trash bins. Perhaps you are a forman ready to start working on a job site that requires roll off dumpsters and porta-potties? If so, WSI is here for you with fast delivery and any service frequency to meet your needs. These solutions are delivered by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are equipped and trained to make sure your event or job is done well and your guests and staff are comfortable. If you need regular recurring service, we can handle that too. Read more about Waste Solutions of Iowa below to learn how they can assist you with all of your portable toilet, dumpster, and other waste solution needs.

Waste Solutions of Iowa is the greater Des Moines’ leading provider in porta potty rentals as it has been providing portable toilet rentals for events, businesses and job sites for more than 40 years. If you are a customer who needs a portable toilet at an event or activity like a sports field, at a job or construction site, or just a regular porta potty service, we have the team and equipment to handle your needs. Perhaps you need an ADA Accessible Portable Toilet? We can help with that particular need as well. Our portable toilet teams are ready to help provide a free quote and help you choose the right portable toilet. Call us today! 

WSI specializes in removing any amount of garbage or junk from your event, job site or residential cleanup project.   People who are in charge of providing garbage removal for big events such as parades and concerts or need junk or construction waste removed, know that it is important to have access to dumpsters and a place to easily get rid of garbage. Roll off dumpster rentals are one option, and WSI can deliver four different sized dumpster options to your event or job site. Most importantly, we know that when a customer asks for a dumpster, they can’t be held up waiting on a dumpster to arrive so we make it a priority to be there when we say we are going to be there!

New for 2023 is the automated Swap or Removal Request.   Each dumpster has two QR codes for ease of request.  Scan the code for the service needed and we are notified immediately.   We confirm each request with your designated decision maker to ensure accuracy – and then dispatch the driver to complete the service.   Time is important to all of us and with the WSI Service Request system – it is now easier than ever!

Security plays an increasingly important role for businesses and events, and Waste Solutions of Iowa’s solar surveillance trailers not only provide top-notch video security, but help businesses save money on energy costs at the same time. Our solar powered surveillance towers are easy to set up, and they can be placed where they are most needed on business’s property or outdoor events like fairs or concerts.  24/7 video surveillance provides peace of mind against property theft and event safety.   

Are you in need of a temporary shower facility? Look no further. Waste Solutions of Iowa is here to provide you a portable shower trailer for your next event or job site. Our portable shower trailer includes sinks, mirrors, locking doors, hot water and air conditioning. To learn more please contact us. 

All foodservice businesses and restaurants have a grease trap that needs to be maintained with regularly scheduled service.  Waste Solutions of Iowa offers scheduled grease trap pumping services, allowing you to do what you do best—run your restaurant or business. Having your grease trap serviced regularly is important for several reasons:

  1. It keeps your drains running efficiently;
  2. It helps protect local sewer collection systems from excess fat, oil and grease (FOG);
  3. Over time, a clogged grease trap could actually create a health hazard for employees and customers.
  4. The city of Des Moines requires your grease trap to be serviced every 3 months or earlier if your FOGs and solids reach 25%. 

If you’re in need of a grease trap pumping service for your restaurant or foodservice business, contact Waste Solutions today. We’ll provide a free estimate and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our services or products.

New for 2023 is the WSI Grease Tracker where your scheduled service history is available immediately during a WRA Inspection.

WSI makes inspection peace of mind and compliance with WRA easy – scan and show the inspector your information!

Are you looking for the next step up from a typical porta potty? We offer a variety of trailers that provide a full bathroom experience that surprises many of our customers with how nice they are. Whether you’re building a shopping mall or hosting an outdoor event, restroom and shower trailers are a cost-effective enhanced solution to providing superior temporary sanitation and cleanliness for large crowds or private intimate events like weddings.

We offer your job or event as much service as you need.  Most job sites prefer a minimum of twice a week service and often more to ensure proper hygiene, comfort and productivity of the workforce.  We also recommend 1 hand wash sink for every 4 bathrooms as clean hands are always a priority.

Special Events are expanding their budgets given the expectation of customers and families wanting to have fewer wait lines and freshwater hand sinks to keep hands clean and crowds happy and satisfied.

Knowledgeable Specialists

All of our customers enjoy relying on a team of knowledgeable specialists who understand what you need for your waste disposal needs. Our solutions include all types of portable toilets, hand sinks, dumpster services, trash bins and disposal for all sizes of greasetrap. You will find that WSI has a solution to quickly meet your needs on a consistent schedule. Our service team is eager to help and always on time to provide your scheduled service quickly and consistently. We rely on the latest in equipment, software and will always follow up with your every need.

WSI is proud to offer our service solutions as a Small Women owned business in the greater Des Moines area. Over the years we have grown to be able to handle any size job or event with the latest equipment and trained professionals. We focus on our Core Values of Team, Service, Dialogue, Drive and Trust to be your preferred provider of waste solutions that achieve your success in business.

Contact us today for a quote and we are ready to schedule your service today.

Woman-Owned Targeted Small Business

“Easy peasy! They walked me through the options, the pros & cons, and delivery schedule, and we selected two of their flushable units with lights! They arrived looking brand new and did a great job protecting our house and septic system. We were able to host a backyard wedding reception, an all day event with 150 people, without any problems whatsoever.”
– Stephanie W.
“What incredible service! Becky and her team were friendly and informative. They worked out a great package that included portable restrooms, a vip trailer, toters, two roll-off dumpsters and grease trap cleaning. Packaging these all together made this event coordinator’s life so much simpler.

Our on-site account manager was OUTSTANDING. I was given his cell phone and able to call him anytime. To top it all off, they promoted our event on their social media several times. I felt like they were a partner in our event instead of just a vendor. Thank you Waste Solutions of Iowa for your excellent customer service and product. We will be using your services again!!”
– Heather W.


We may not talk about our work around the dinner table, but we’re proud of what we do!

Since Waste Solutions of Iowa purchased “Jim’s Johns” which was established in 1981, we’ve strived to raise the industry standard – making portable sanitation easier, cleaner, and more efficient for you.

At WSI – we invest in our people, products, and processes to ensure you are getting the impeccable service you paid for – no matter your budget.

Our team members are trained in high-quality sanitary solutions and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with the service they provide.

People don’t normally associate portable restrooms with professionalism, but the way we see it, there is no service where professionalism is more important.