Choosing The Right Portable Bathroom

We Deliver Quality Portable Restrooms

At Waste Solutions of Iowa, we offer three distinct portable restroom or toilet solutions. Those are:

  1. Sanitary Portable Restrooms
  2. Special Event Portable Restrooms
  3. Sanitary Restroom Trailers

It’s important to understand these three categories of temporary restroom facilities, who they are for and how changing technology and amenities can make a difference depending on the needs and type of event you need a portable restroom for. Below, we will describe each option, so you have a better understanding of our options.

These are our simplest form of a portable restroom or toilet. Often you will hear them described as a “porta potty”. This type of portable bathroom is the simplest and typically the most cost effective bathroom option. We encourage customers to use this type of restroom on job or construction sites or in places where a portable toilet is not going to detract from an experience like a special event. 

Relatively new, these special event portable restrooms may look like a simple “porta potty” or portable toilet, but they most definitely are not! These portable restrooms have features that surprise our customers that are not familiar with the upgrades in the portable restroom industry. Basically, you have a FULL restroom with a sink, flushing toilet - everything you would find in a normal restroom, but in a unit that is built to be portable. These units are great for fairs, tournaments, weddings….. Or just about any special event. These units are also starting to be used more commonly on job sites where crews will be on site for extended periods of time. 

Sanitary restroom trailers and showers are completely changing the landscape on what customers think of when it comes to portable restrooms. These complete restrooms look and feel like you would expect in a building but are still portable because they are on a trailer. They will give the complete “VIP” feel and are ideal for high end events or places where your guests will need a complete bathroom experience including shower facilities if you need that.