Solar Surveillance Towers (Sst)

Adding Job Site & Event Enhanced Surveillance & Security As One of Our Solutions!

While our name says Waste Solutions of Iowa, the very nature of our business is supporting business owners, events and construction companies with the services they need at their site. Based on our strong relationships with our customers, and their requests, we have jumped into providing enhanced security with Solar Surveillance Trailer solutions! 

Waste Solutions of Iowa Solar Surveillance Trailers 

Surveillance and Security plays an increasingly important role for businesses and events, and Waste Solutions of Iowa’s security towers not only provide top-notch security, but help businesses save money on energy costs at the same time. Our solar powered surveillance and enhanced security towers are easy to set up, and they can be placed where they are most needed on business’s property or outdoor events like fairs or concerts.

A solar surveillance trailer is a mobile security tower that is powered by solar panels and can be easily deployed at any outdoor event, business parking lot or job site to provide 24/7/365 video surveillance. Waste Solutions of Iowa has launched a security solution that will help business owners and events create a safer environment for themselves and their customers. Our security tower solution helps businesses and events keep themselves, as well as their customers or event attendees, less likely to be targeted by crime with a proactive preventative security measure. The towers will also help clients spot any problems or issues in areas such as crowd control or parking lot safety before they become too big to handle. Our security tower solutions are monitored 24/7 and include features like: 

  • Theft Deterrence
  • Reduction in False Alarms
  • Motion Alerts 
  • Talk down microphone 
  • Thermal Cameras 
  • Ensure Procedural Compliance
  • Event Security
  • Job Site Security
  • Hard Hat Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition

Keeping an eye on your building and property can deter theft and vandalism, especially in more isolated areas. Additionally, video surveillance is useful for capturing activities on film and catching intruders after a crime has been committed, but a larger benefit that can come from video surveillance systems is allowing owners to monitor activity in real time, so as to be more preventative in nature against theft or crime. For example, a camera monitoring a storefront from the parking lot can detect shoplifters or show when negative activity is happening in real time. More than business applications, video surveillance is good for protecting not only businesses but events like fairs and concerts, jobsites, sports venues and school campuses. If you don't see your business or event type here, please call us and we will carefully listen to your needs and see if our security towers might be the solution you need. 


Construction job sites across the country are experiencing a dramatic rise in theft of metals, wood, tools and cabinetry waiting to be installed.   Our solution also offers after hours live monitoring complete with alerts and notification of authorities if requested. Solar surveillance trailer solutions by Waste Solutions of Iowa are often less expensive and more effective than hiring a guard.