Core Values

Team Service Dialogue Drive & Knowledge Trust



Timmy Teamster

At WSI, Timmy Teamster refers to a person who is skilled at working with others as part of a team in order to achieve a common goal. Timmy Teamster is a collaborator who effectively communicates and coordinates with his team members, and he contributes his skills and expertise to the team’s efforts. Timmy Teamster is seen as a valuable team member because he is able to work effectively with others and help drive the team towards success.

Core Value: Team

We work together with a common goal to make WSI the best it can be.  We are always looking out for each other and offering to help where needed or asked.




At WSI, Servicioman is a team member of WSI and protector of waste providing human dignity. Servicioman uses his powers to help clean up waste and provide the best service whether it is for his internal or external customers.

Core Value: Service

We approach our work with a heart of service to achieve excellent outcomes for both our internal and external customers with the services we are proud to perform.



Dora the Dialoguer

At WSI, Dora the Dialoguer, values and uses dialogue as a way of resolving conflicts and promoting understanding and cooperation. Dora the Dialoguer has an adventurous personality and uses her open-mindedness and sense of curiosity to learn about different co-worker’s perspectives and ways of looking at things.

Core Value: Dialogue

At WSI, another one of our core values is the belief in the power of dialogue. We recognize that open and honest communication is essential for building strong relationships and for finding mutually beneficial solutions to challenges. We value diverse perspectives and encourage open and respectful dialogue among all members of our team and with our customers. We believe that through active listening and respectful exchanges of ideas, we can foster a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, leading to better outcomes for all involved.



Detective “DK” drive & knowledge

At WSI Detective DK is highly skilled, driven to be the best at his job and in his industry. He is wanting to grow in understanding and effectiveness in his job by his business metrics, regulations, and client requirements. He is driven to understand the ins and outs of the waste world. 

Core Value: Drive – & Knowledge

We are driven to be the best in our industry and to grow in understanding and effectiveness in our jobs.

Our decisions are founded in knowledge. We understand our business metrics, regulations, and client requirements.



Trusting Tails or TT

At WSI, Trusting Tails or TT trusts his teammates. TT is thorough and personally accountable for his results of his work. His teammates depend on him and trust upon him.

Core Value: Trust

We trust each other. We are thorough and personally accountable for the results of our work.