Construction Site Cleanup: Why Contractors Should Consider Dumpster Rentals
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Construction Site Cleanup: Why Contractors Should Consider Dumpster Rentals

From efficiency to affordability, there’s really no reason NOT to consider rental dumpsters in Waukee, Ankeny, and Des Moines. The service can boost profit and increase workplace efficiency and health/safety regulations. That’s why many construction projects use these roll-off rental dumpsters, as they provide convenience on multiple fronts.

So, if you’re a contractor supervising a big construction project, you’re in the right place, as this blog post discovers why anyone overlooking a big project should always use a dumpster rental.

Benefits of Dumpster Rentals for Construction Site Cleanup

Let’s explore some of the most significant advantages of using rental dumpster services during your next construction build.

1. Cost and time-effectiveness

If you’re concerned about the cost of a rental dumpster in Waukee, you should understand that it can actually save you time and money.
Waste management experts in Des Moines reveal that when you have an on-site dumpster, you won’t have to make multiple trips to the trash yard dumpster to dispose of your waste, saving you time, money, and energy.

2. No litigation

If you fail to properly dispose of the waste from your construction site, you could be liable for environmental damages, leading to costly litigation. By renting a roll-off dumpster in Ankeny, you can minimize the risk of lawsuits and litigation and protect your business.

3. Organization of material

If you let your project carry on with a lot of materials around, there’s bound to be some chaotic mixups. Piles of trash can be dangerous, conducive to workplace organization, and carry the headache of sorting through materials and debris. With a roll-off dumpster rental service in Des Moines, you can reduce the amount of debris and material that clutters up the construction site and help you keep track of the progress.

4. Less Litter

Leading rental dumpster services in Waukee reveal that the most attractive benefit of using a roll-off dumpster in Ankeny is that it helps reduce litter. Litter can be a huge headache on construction sites, making the whole area look cluttered and unprofessional.

Experts also suggest that when you store all of your garbage and food waste in these roll-off dumpsters, you can keep your construction site clean and tidy, which will help you avoid any unnecessary accidents or lack of efficiency on the workers’ end.

5. Reduced risk of injury

The next benefit of a rental construction dumpster for projects in Des Moines, Waukee, and Ankeny is that it helps reduce the risk of injury and mishappenings on your construction site. When there’s garbage, food waste, and contaminated materials all over the ground, there’s a greater chance that someone will slip and fall, leading to various health hazards. It can also attract pests, which can damage equipment and contaminate food.

Leading services providing roll-off dumpsters in Iowa suggest that these waste baskets ensure the continued safety of the crew throughout the whole project.

Dumpster Rental Process

The roll-off dumpster rental process in Ankeny, Des Moines, Waukee, and nearby Iowa areas is pretty simple and convenient, involving these four major steps,

  • Choosing the right dumpster size
  • Scheduling delivery and pick-up
  • Filling your dumpster
  • Schedule a return pick-up

Expert companies providing rental dumpsters suggest that the size of the bin you rent will depend on the total amount of waste you need to dispose of, and rental periods can range from a few days to several weeks.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Dumpster Rentals

1. Understanding what can or can’t be put in the dumpster:

The best tip a contractor can get is understanding what you can and can’t throw in your rental roll-off dumpster in Waukee.

A. What we can take:

  1. Junk
  2. Trash
  3. Appliances*
  4. Furniture & Mattress
  5. Brush & Yard Waste
  6. Demolition and Construction Debris
  7. Old Tires*
  8. Household Items
  9. Scrap Metal

There are a few items that we are not allowed to dispose of because they are hazardous waste.

B. What we can not take

  1. Fertilizer
  2. Paint
  3. Cleaners
  4. Harsh Chemicals
  5. Light Bulbs

2. Rental Dumpster regular pick-ups and maintenance

Regularly scheduling pick-ups prevents overfilled dumpsters that could block or endanger your construction site. Some guidelines you should consider are,

The frequency of rental roll-off dumpster pick-ups should be based on how quickly your construction project generates waste.
Consider the waste type when choosing a Waukee and Des Moines rental dumpster, as some waste kinds require more space than others.
You must also plan for unexpected waste in advance and choose a dumpster size slightly larger than your estimate to accommodate it.

If your project extends for a prolonged period, routine pick-ups become even more crucial to keep your construction site neat and safe.

3. Look For The Best Service Provider in your Area

If you’re looking for the perfect waste management system in 2023, then it’s best to go for top waste disposal companies like Waste Solutions of Iowa. WSI provides a new feature for making requests regarding dumpsters: the automated Swap or Removal Request in which each of their rental dumpsters in Waukee, Des Moines, Ankeny, and surrounding Iowa areas will have two QR scan codes.

When you have a code for your designated service(dumpster pick-up, swap, or removal), the team will receive a notification, and after confirmation, they will send a driver to take care of the requested service.


Effective waste management is a crucial part of any successful construction project, and rental roll-off dumpsters in Ankeny, Des Moines, and Waukee offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to all your waste-related woes.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a rental dumpster in Iowa, Waste Solutions of Iowa provides a comprehensive selection of waste removal solutions to fit your requirements. We understand how vital public sanitation is to our local communities. That’s why we offer dumpster rentals at great prices to our customers in Iowa.

Interested in high-quality dumpsters at competitive prices? Contact us today for a free quote!

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